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SY 2016-17 SLO Training Materials

Title Filename Modified
APPENDIX D 2016-17 11.10.2016.pdf 11/12/2016
Frequently Asked Questions 2016-17.pdf 11/12/2016
SLO Checklist from CMSD_SLO_Handbook.pdf 12/3/2016
CMSD_SLO_Handbook 11.03.22015 updated.pdf 11/12/2016
slo portal directions 2016 2017 Nov 4 r3.pdf 11/26/2016
Best Practices SLO Development 11.04.2015.pptx 9/24/2016
Overview of SGM 2015-16 PPT rev.pptx 9/24/2016
slo tool new 14 15.ppt 9/24/2016
Initial growth targets and adjustments 2015.pptx 12/3/2016
grade 3 CAP Sci rev.pdf 11/7/2015
Example STAR 11/7/2015
VPN_CLient_Guide_download.doc 11/7/2015

SY 2016-17 SLO Templates & Assessment Specific Guidance

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Templates organized by grade band and subject...
Assessment by Assessment Guidance Documents

SLO Supplemental Resources

Title Filename Modified
Growth Target Guidance Contextual Factors UPDATED 2015-16_rev2 (1).pdf 9/22/2016

SGM Assessment Resources

Title Filename Modified
CAP Blueprints for SS and SC.doc 9/24/2016
CAP EffectSize PPT 052017.pptx 6/10/2017
QC Algebra II EOC Test Blueprint.pdf 9/24/2016
QC Geometry EOC Test Blueprint.pdf 9/24/2016