The Assessment Department manages the administration of district, state, and national testing programs for CMSD.
District tests include Benchmark tests for grades 3-8 and NWEA testing for grades 1, 2, 9, and 10.  These district tests serve as both summative and formative assessments.  They are useful to predict how students will perform on the state tests, monitor a student's progress over time, as well as provide instructionally relevant feedback to teachers about their students' skills. 
State tests include the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT), Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA), OTELA, Kindergarten Readiness - Literacy (KRA-L), Get It! Got It! Go! pre-school assessment, state diagnostics, 9th grade practice OGT, as well as others.  These tests are required by the state of Ohio and each test has a specific purpose.
National assessments include the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) which allows Cleveland school district and the state of Ohio to compare student academic proficiency to other cities and states in the country.  The Assessment Department also assists in coordinating the administration of the SAT, PSAT, and ACT which are for students applying to colleges.

General Testing Information

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2015-16 testing calendar03172016.pdf 3/19/2016
2015-16 Year long testing calendar 02262016.pdf 2/27/2016

ACT - Documents

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NWEA RIT as a Predictor for ACT - Modified - 012512.pdf 5/29/2012
2015-MAP-Comparative-Data-One-Sheet-JUN15.pdf 8/6/2015


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12a_Sample_Questions_Booklet_Grade_4.pdf 1/12/2013
12b_Sample_Questions_Booklet_Grade_8.pdf 1/12/2013
MeasureUp_G12 Fall 2012 final.pdf 8/10/2012
MeasureUp_G4 Fall 2012 final.pdf 8/10/2012
MeasureUp_G8 Fall 2012 final.pdf 8/11/2012


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2015-MAP-Normative-Data-JUN15.pdf 2/17/2016
2015-MAP-Normative-Data-JUN15.pdf 8/6/2015
TGRG K3 Literacy Cut Scores 201516 Draft.pdf 9/30/2015
NWEA Reading and Math Cut Scores 20152016 grKthru10.pdf 2/17/2016
2015-MAP-Comparative-Data-One-Sheet-JUN15.pdf 8/8/2015
Proctor_Tips_and_Troubleshooting_QuickRef.pdf 9/17/2015
2015-16NWEAppt.pptx 8/22/2015
Student_Introduction_to_MAP_Testing_QuickRef.pdf 9/17/2015

OST - Ohio's State Tests

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DYK Read Aloud Accomm on Ohio State Tests.pdf 2/17/2016
OST Training January 2016 BW.pdf 2/17/2016
OST Building Test Coordinator Preparation Document 2015-2016.pdf 2/17/2016
OST 3-8 Building Test Coordinator Preparation Document 2015-2016.pdf 2/17/2016
OHAccessManual_ManualAppendCombined_100715.pdf 2/17/2016
Sample OST Testing Schedule 3-8.pdf 2/17/2016
Sample OST Testing Schedule HS.pdf 2/17/2016