Acceptable Use Policy

Terms and Conditions
The Cleveland Municipal School District is pleased to offer its users access to the Network and Internet for educational purposes. The use of the Network is important to prepare students for life and work in the 21st Century. CMSD Users are expected to follow all guidelines listed below. Inappropriate use of the Network may result in a cancellation of access, in whole or in part.

Acceptable Uses:
The Network is to be used for educational purposes. The following types of access are considered to be appropriate uses:

    1. To participate in collaborative efforts.
    2. To access real-time data.
    3. To access unique resources.
    4. To publish information and resources.
    5. To conduct research.
    6. To communicate broadly and effectively.

Unacceptable Uses:
The following types of access are considered to be inappropriate uses:

    1. Accessing profane or obscene material, material suggesting illegal acts and material advocating violence or discrimination.
    2. Using the access for illegal acts.
    3. Attempts to access any resources that are restricted, confidential or privileged.
    4.Posting chain letters.
    5. Internet Relay Chat, news groups, or mailing list participation unless directed and supervised by a staff member for a classroom assignment.
    6. Granting Internet or Network access to unauthorized persons intentionally or unintentionally, or failing to notify a teacher or administrator if you suspect someone of using your password.
    7. Posting personal contact information.
    8. Agreeing to meet someone met online without parental approval and under the supervision of a teacher or authorized adult.
    9. Attempts to disrupt access.
    10. Causing damage to or changing function, operation or design of the technology.
    11. Using obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening language.
    12. Harassing another person.
    13. Posting false or defamatory information.
    14. Plagiarizing information found on the Internet.
    15. Disregarding the rights of copyright owners on the Internet.
    16. Causing or permitting material protected by copyright, trademark, or confidential data to be uploaded, published or broadcast in any way without permission of the school administration.
    17. Posting web pages without the consent of a teacher or authorized adult.
    18. Downloading large files (over 5 MB).
    19. Buying or selling any products or services.

June 2004 / January 2000